Saturday, October 14, 2006

Attack of the Purple People Eaters

Solid performance tonight in the Little Apple against Kansas State tonight. Some fans are going to criticize the conservative game plan again tonight...but once again, the Huskers got out to a fast start and led the whole way.

Let's give the Wildcats defense some credit; they've played well this season - 27th in the nation in total defense. They made the necessary adjustments and pressured the Huskers tonight in the 2nd half.

Brandon Jackson had another solid game starting for the 2nd week in a row. Marlon Lucky's touchdown run might have been his best run of the season; did anybody else catch him waiting for his blocks to develop, and then kicked it into high gear. Very nice.

Maurice Purify is becoming a big play receiver, but is also hurting the team with unnecessary penalties. That's his second personal foul in 3 games.

Defensively, I liked Coz's start with sending 6-7 guys after Josh Freeman...only problem was letting up in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, allowing Freeman to gain his bearings and begin to make plays. The kid didn't get flustered; Wildcat fans have to like the look of the future with him at quarterback.

A few other thoughts around college football:

What is up in Lubbock? Colorado finally won a game, beating Texas Tech today.

Anybody else raise their eyebrows when Baylor took a 10-0 lead on Tejas tonight? Of course, the Horns cruised the rest of the evening to set up next weekend's game.

Tonight's brawl between Miami and Florida International was ugly. 13 players ejected, and it took 5 minutes to restore order. Players were swinging helmets and even a set of crutches. Major suspensions are going to be coming down. Between this and Miami's poor performance, one has to wonder how much longer Larry Coker will keep his job.

Frank Solich's Ohio Bobcats pulled off another upset, this time beating Illinois 20-17. Coming up next week is the Husker Heritage Bowl: Solich's Bobcats vs. Turner Gill's Buffalo Bulls.

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