Sunday, August 19, 2007

Husker Bombshell: Keller Takes the Lead at QB

Who'da thunk it? The Journal-Star reports that Sam Keller took most of the snaps with the first string offense in Friday's scrimmage. Seriously, though, it's probably right on schedule. Up to now, it really hasn't been important to come out and label Keller as the starter. But with 2 weeks until the first game, it's time to begin preparations for the season opener, and that means it's time for Keller to start getting the majority of reps in practice

Several features over the weekend in the local media on freshman Adi Kunalic. The biggest story is that the word on Kunalic's big leg was correct. In practice, he's been booming 60 yard field goals and putting kickoffs into the end zone against the wind. How big is that? Well, first of all, remember Nebraska has struggled with this the last couple of seasons, and this season, the problem is magnified with kickoffs moving back to the 30 yard line. The World-Herald adds some nice background on Kunalic's journey from pre-war Bosnia to Fort Worth to Lincoln.

The Associated Press points out that the onus is on Bill Callahan to break through this season. Even last year, we've heard excuses, excuses, and excuses as to Nebraska's struggles. (And usually the excuse points back at Frank Solich. If anything, can we finally quit blaming Solich for Callahan's failures?)

Bovine blog Scipio Tex at "Barking Carnival" takes a satirical look at Billy C and the Huskers. He also talks about the intriguing early October matchup in Columbia:
"Bill Callahan vs. Gary Pinkel - mmm, it just doesn’t get any better than that, does it football fans? If you don’t have the chills right now, I pity you."

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