Sunday, September 09, 2007

USC's Missing Man Formation

Thanks to Conquest Chronicles for the link....

In USC's season opening victory over Idaho, USC paid tribute to Mario Denelo, their record setting placekicker who was found dead in January, by lining up for their first placekick without a kicker to symbolize their loss.

USC kicker Mario Danelo died tragically on January 6th, 2007. The players had asked coach Carroll if it would be okay to leave the first kick for him. It was a kick that everyone felt rightfully belonged to Danelo; a kick, however, that could never be taken. But it was in this simple moment of silence that the USC Trojans found the perfect way for Mario Danelo to enter the coliseum, and take a bow for the Trojans for one final time.
A very poignant and classy move on the Trojans part to remember their teammate.

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