Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Is Bill Byrne after a coach in Lincoln???

Although early scuttlebutt had Bill Byrne looking to Fullerton's George Horton to be Texas A&M's next head coach, Bill Byrne is in Omaha, apparantly scouting out either Mike Anderson or Rob Childress.

Funny how a year ago, many people were griping that Byrne had made a mistake in elevating Anderson to the head coaching job 3 years ago. I can hardly blame Childress for being interested in the A&M job; they have great fan support, and it would be a great opportunity him. But when you see the work he's done with the Nebraska pitching staff, you really hope he sticks around.

Update 6/22: San Antonio Express-News says Childress has accepted the A&M job.

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Adam said...

Had a ten minute conversation with Bill on Saturday afternoon, it was good to see him again...and he remembered me...I wonder if Steve does...I doubt it...