Wednesday, July 26, 2006

UNO Administration a Circus

The circus at UNO took another turn today, as a World Herald story reported that Chancellor Nancy Belck attempted to fire athletic director David Herbster last week, apparantly as the fall guy for the UNO athletic budget mess. Friday, the University of Nebraska's Board of Regents will start looking for answers from UNO's administrators at their next meeting.

What are the regents saying?

Regent Kent Schroeder of Kearney said that Belck violated an unwriten rule to inform the regents about potential controversies. Even NU President J.B. Milliken said that this situation has been mishandled. KXSP-590's Matt Perrault reported today that Belck's job could be in danger.

This is a firestorm that is simply not going away.

Yesterday, MavRick came out with a list of suggestions for UNO to solve this crisis. The most notable is the call for an audit of UNO athletics. Underneath the circus of boosters searching for answers and administrators dodging the truth lies a very real problem. An audit would go a long way towards clearing the air and provide a starting point for solving these problems.

In the meantime, it's becoming more and more evident that this fiasco is going to result in changes in administration at UNO. Some would argue that you don't fire university leaders over the football program, but this situation has grown beyond athletics.

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