Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Husker Snoozer...and Belckis & Buckhead Exposed

I'm trying to come up with a compelling item of interest for this week's Nicholls State game...and no dice. Oh sure, you can point to Colorado and Kansas State's performances last week, but as we've learned, coaching changes don't always go smoothly. (But come on... losing to Montana State? Nearly losing to Illinois State? Yikes!)

During the week, I've read more positive comments about Brandon Jackson's performance last Saturday than the other backs. He's definitely going to be a key in next week's game against USC. Why? Simple... pass blocking. Nebraska will need to bring their best game against the Trojans, and many feel that Jackson is our best all-around back right now.

What does that mean for this week? With Marlon Lucky being sore from last week's back injury, look for a heavy dose of Cody Glenn and Kenny Wilson this weekend against NSU. Will Wilson start to live up to the hype from the summer this weekend? That might be the most intriguing aspect to a mismatch. Let's face it; this game would be more interesting if it were the season opener, and even then it would only to see the new HuskerVision screen. Any fans who complain about never getting to see any games should head to Lincoln; the game is not sold out yet. (I've got an extra ticket too, if anybody is interested...) This is your opportunity.

Tonight's Omaha World-Herald lowered the boom on former vice chancellor Jim Buck's perks that were paid for by taxpayers and boosters in a copyrighted story. Turns out that Buck's Caddy and country club membership weren't even half of Buck's excesses. Among the expenses that Buck passed the buck on:
  • Christmas gifts of fruit baskets for Nancy Belck and others
  • A trip to Hawaii this summer for his wife
  • A $226 dinner for Mr. & Mrs. Buck at a Baltimore restaurant
  • Two trips to the Division 1 "Final Four" men's basketball tournament (UNO is D-2 in basketball)
  • Golf in Florida
  • Dinner at the grand opening of Omaha's new Holland Performing Arts Center
In some respects, there really isn't anything new here except the details. Tomorrow's Nebraska Board of Regents will be meeting could be interesting. Even if there isn't any update from the Karnes Commission on the future of UNO athletics, every regent should be demanding answers regarding gross mismanagement by UNO's administration. The calls for Nancy Belck to step down are becoming louder and louder; it looks like it may only be a matter of time. Claims of ignorance aren't acceptable from the leader of the University, and this casts serious doubts about Belck's decision-making.

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