Sunday, December 10, 2006

Parse Doing It All

In UNO hockey, Scott Parse is certainly on a hot streak. Last Saturday night, Parse moved to defense after Mike Eickman went down to injury, and recorded a hat trick against Bowling Green and ended up being named defensive player of the week to match his offensive player of the week award earlier this season. MavRick suggests wonders, partially in jest, whether Parse should give goaltender a chance. Or maybe he should shoot bigger... how about chancellor? (Couldn't do any worse than the previous one...)

Then this weekend against Bentley, (not the car, not the Jefferson's neighbor from Britain, but the college in Boston) Parse added 2 assists on Friday night and 2 goals and an assist this weekend. Parse had a couple of looks late in the game to get his second hat trick in 3 games, but the pass didn't connect. Even so, he's now the career scoring leader at UNO with still half the season to go. Is it time to fire up the Hobey Baker promotions again? Yeah, Bentley isn't much of a hockey program, but they nearly bumped UNO out of the NCAA tournament last season when they battled Holy Cross (who would later defeat Minnesota) for their conference championship.

So UNO takes a 5 game winning streak into the Christmas break, followed by road trips to Princeton and Yale at New Years, followed by a trip to Lake Superior State. It will be 5 weeks before the UNO takes to the ice at the Qwest Center again. That's a little long for my taste.


AJ said...

I'm scared to see what next year will bring without the scoring punch we have this year. Crowds of 3,300 could be more common I'm afraid.

Husker Mike said...

We're going to miss Parse and Nikiforuk next year, for sure. But if we can solidify the defense and goaltending, we still might be ok.

But there's still half this season to go. We can worry about next season in April.