Sunday, February 11, 2007

Catching Up

Zzzz...oh hi there! Looks like the mind-numbing drama of Signing Day got the better of me. Here are a few takes on real events of the past week:

I wasn't terribly surprised by the Super Bowl, as the Colts defense really turned it up in the playoffs. A lot of people forget football is a team game... and that's what causes people to claim that "Peyton Manning could never win a big game". That includes Omaha's local Jim Rome wannabe, Matt Perrault, who cemented his reputation as a "say anything to get a reaction" shock jock by first saying "Peyton Manning played like he always does when it's a big the choke artist that he is.", then amending it to say that he wouldn't win a Super Bowl, then feebling saying only "I was wrong." once he was shown to be ludicruosly wrong. Football is a team sport, and quarterback is just one position on the team. Heck...Baltimore won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer starting. John Elway was a huge Super Bowl loser until he was surrounded by a team in his final two seasons. Now Manning is part of a great team. Teams win Super Bowls, not individuals.

Perrault's comments can probably best explained by the phenomenon of ESPN and other talkers who will say anything and everything to get a reaction. And Perrault's hatred of Manning is easily explained, since he is a native New Englander. But alas, his credibility is once again shot. Maybe I should give NPR a second shot... they probably know more about sports...

Husker hoops continue to plug along. A couple of nice road upsets against Mizzou and Texas Tech certainly are intriguing, showing Sadler's ability to make adjustments to win games. Nobody should expect Sadler to turn this team into a Sweet 16 team in a matter of months, but
Sadler is setting a tone that Nebraska hoops are on the road to recovery. Not this year...probably not next year either. But it will be interesting to follow. Late update: Sadler suspends Jamel White for the rest of the season.... Why? Nobody's saying. But Sadler is setting a tone for how the program is going to operate.

UNO Maverick hockey continues struggle to win points...only netting two points over the last 2 weeks against #6 Michigan State and #1 Notre Dame. Friday night's game against the Irish was especially frustrating, as the Domers scored on a wraparound with 9.6 seconds left in the game...kind of a microcosm of the season. Saturday night, UNO rallied late in the third period to tie the Irish. AJ is calling for Mike Kemp's head again, and while I still disagree, I'm seeing his point.

I will give Kemp props for quickly suspending Adam Bartholomay and Bobby Henderson after their arrests for intoxication at a Iowa casino last weekend. Of particular concern is Henderson's quote in the police report: "I am a hockey player. I'll get out of this." Granted these statements were made drunk, but it reflects poorly on the team and the institution. Too often we hear about athletes abusing their status...which is completely unacceptable.

I'll also give the parents of these young men props as well for going on to accept responsibility. Henderson's eligibility is now over, but hopefully Bartholomay can work his way back onto the team for next season.

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AJ said...

Your stoking the fires with Perault is amusing and good reading. You should run with's very entertaining. Also, Props to Doc Sadler..(yes, I said it)...and I stand by the fact that whatever Mike Kemp is saying..players are'nt listening.

Also, prayers to Marlon Lucky. Not sure what is going on down there, but fact of the matter is, kis seems to be in trouble. As a Husker hater by heart, I'm not evil enough to wish personal ill to players.

Whatever it turns out to be, I hope he makes a speedy recovery so I can boo him in Columbia next fall.