Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Florida to propose College Football Playoff

ESPN reports that the president of the University of Florida is planning to push the SEC to move to ditch the BCS for a playoff. No word as to whether he is thinking "Plus-1" where 2 of the New Year's Day bowls become playoff games or a full 8 or 16 team playoff. Personally, I still prefer the idea of the 8 or 16 game playoff, as the revenues generated from playing playoff games at 80,000+ capacity campus stadiums is going to provide much more revenue than the bowl system ever will. (And the bowl system could still remain for the non-qualifiers...)

The idea about doing this outside the scope of the NCAA is intriguing...though I figure that if this idea starts to gain any traction, the NCAA will jump all over it as if it were their idea to ensure they continue to get their cut and remain in charge.

Looking to find out more, I thought I'd head over to the most well-known Florida blog out there, but alas, all they want to do this week is remind me of the flu-ridden 1996 Big XII championship game. Ahh well, that's why they call this the offseason...

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Jai Eugene said...

One of our guys is suppose to actually cover this. He will be reporting on it for his newspaper in Destin.
check this: