Saturday, January 05, 2008

What's Wrong with Husker Recruiting? Nothing!

Mitch Sherman of the Omaha World-Herald has a nice story about the current state of Husker recruiting. Unlike some fans, the staff (including Shawn Watson and Ted Gilmore who were retained) expected players to change their mind. Watson told the World-Herald:
"Recruiting today is driven by relationships. Kids are making decisions that are people driven. The primary figure in any recruit's (decision) today is the position coach."
Gilmore adds:
"We knew there were going to be decommits. I know people want to say those kids committed to Nebraska, but you're discounting the relationship part of it."
Bo Pelini talked to World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel as well, and told him even more:
"I'm not into this whole 'Rivals' thing and all that stuff. They (Rivals) don't really know truly what's going on, and I don't concern myself with perception and everything and how all that works. By the end of the day, we'll get done what we need to get done. They (Rivals) are what they are. They're not experts."
Sherman closes with the following prediction:
"Expect little of the program-driven Internet hype to which Husker fans grew accustomed to under the previous regime. Pelini has already displayed a dislike for it. That shouldn't be confused with a dislike for recruiting, mind you. His staff recognizes the significance of recruiting but figures to find a healthier balance between recruiting and player development.

Most notably, recruits will hear a different pitch. The message will be more about what Pelini thinks the prospects need to hear, rather than what the prospects want to hear. Pelini takes pride in not sugarcoating anything. Such an approach should lead to the signing of players who come to the program with their eyes wide open."
Music to my ears as sanity tries to break through. The dangers of recruiting hype have long been documented here. Can we hear a hallelujah?


Husker Voice of Reason said...

Yes there is a lot of hype around recruiting. But Bo cannot recruit. He is cloaking his fear and dislike of recruiting in talk of player development. Another 4 years of BS and we will be looking for a new coach.

Husker Mike said...

And on what basis can you say that "Bo cannot recruit"?

Anonymous said...

On what basis are you saying he can

Husker Mike said...

I didn't say whether Bo could or could not recruit. I just don't know how anybody can say "Bo cannot recruit" --- especially when he's only been on the job for about six weeks.

Four years from now, we'll probably have some sort of idea about it. But it's utterly ludicrous to make those statements.