Friday, March 14, 2008

Mavs P3wnd By Weasels; Huskers by Zebras

UNO's second round playoff series opened quite badly as Michigan blasted UNO 10-1 tonight. Sad thing is that the game might not have been that close; the top-ranked Weasels looked well-rested and dominated right from the start... and UNO looked like they had just finished that three overtime battle earlier in the afternoon. UNO needs to find a way to somehow win the next two, but there is at least a precedent for this. 10 years ago, UNO lost to then-#1 Maine on the road 11-0, then came back the next night to win 4-3.

I should have paid more attention to the Husker basketball game against Kansas; they broke out to a nine point lead late in the first half, but Kansas came back strong in the second half. CornNation notes the discrepency in foul shots might have played a bit of a factor in this one. Looks like Kansas is well on their way to playing in Omaha's Creighton's NCAA regional next Thursday. BrieJay fan has hit a home run, since the value of those tickets will go up once the Beakers start planning their drive up I-29.

In the meantime, if you are a local basketball masochist, check out NIT Bracketology. Seriously. Someone is actually tracking the teams for the NIT. Right now, Creighton is a 3 seed and Nebraska is a 7 seed. I think it's great for Nebraska that they can keep the season going, but it's still the NIT. The value isn't the tournament, it's the additional competition and practice time.


Anonymous said...

Surprised? Hello your hockey team was 8th in the CCHA and unranked nationally. Michigan has been #1 or #2 in the Nation all year long. You call them the Weasels out of jealousy.

Your hockey team wanted to be like your football team is all. THEY BOTH SUCK!

12-2 in two games - impressive. 4 game sweep for the Weasels this season against your cornknobs, steers, mavs, whatever.

That's 13-2-2 in the last 10 years against uno. I can understand why you're all upset. Getting beat up year in and year out must be tough to swallow.

Next time send a men's hockey team instead of a girl's brownie troop. Red Army? LOL - more like Iraqi Army.

Anonymous said...

We still beat the Weasels in the Alamo bowl. Nebraska never lost to a DII team either. Just saying. Shit I wish NU played in the Big ten. We'd have 10 more conf title and a couple more NCs maybe. Michigan sucks. Go blow Coach Rodriguez and stop posting on a blog for Nebraska fans. I don't go to Michigan blogs and try to make sense to Michigan fans on their comment boards. Then again I don't try things that are impossible. By the way give us half our title from 97. Thanks Princess.