Saturday, April 26, 2008

Osborne Frees "The Bobbleheads"

In tomorrow's World-Herald, Lee Barfknecht profiles the first six months with Tom Osborne as athletic director at Nebraska. Diabetics may want to check their insulin levels before reading it, as it's incredibly positive (some might argue nauseatingly so...):
Smiles are so prevalent you wonder if laughing gas is pumped through the vents.
Of course, much of the positive vibrations may be simply a natural response to changes from the previous regime. And yes, we get a little more dirt from "The Bobbleheads" (a term staff members used to describe themselves responding to suggestions from above). Read the article if you really want to know more; I know I got a kick out of it.

One rumor that is being dispelled is that donors would send in millions of dollars in donations once the previous regime was ousted. They really haven't seen much of a windfall in donations, though they really haven't asked for anything. Donors may not feel much of an urgency to donate, since the north stadium complex is completed. That'll change as Osborne plans to start working on upgrading the Hewitt Academic Center as well as a Nebraska Hall of Fame. Also in the preliminary stages are discussions for a new basketball facilities, though the basketball facilities must wait for the city to make a decision on a new Lincoln arena.

One thing that Steve Pederson did well was keep the budget in balance, as Osborne feels the finances of the athletic department are in very good shape. That's allowing Osborne to move forward with other plans.

Those plans don't include additional sports. Periodically I hear rumors of the Huskers upgrading their club hockey program to division 1...but Osborne doesn't even mention hockey. He does mention interest in resurrecting men's swimming and adding men's soccer, but he doesn't plan on adding any sports. So that rumor can be debunked as well.

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