Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Night Dessert: Osborne Says Wallets Reopening

A few notes after an outstanding weekend weatherwise: (Can we order up more of the same all the way through November?)

Tom Osborne and chief fundraiser Paul Meyers told Tom Shatel today that "many" boosters have resumed donations to the athletic department following the ouster of the previous regime. Not a surprise to me at all.

Menelik Holt continues to impress the coaches in practice...which should help address concerns about depth after the departure of Terrence Nunn and Maurice Purify. Quentin Castille also has picked his game up this fall, joining the rest of the team in downsizing themselves to a more reasonable weight. Depth at I-back is always important, and having three or four backs is a great safety net in case of an injury. And if they're all healthy, it really opens up some options to get multiple backs into the game and really opening up the offense.

Other guys making moves in pre-season practice include Major Culbert at safety, Jared Crick at defensive tackle (helping solidify the depth up front), and Marcel Jones and Ricky Henry on the offensive line. More eyes to keep an eye on in two weeks when the season kicks off.

Remember Harrison Beck? The quarterback who was rated the #3 quarterback coming out of high school? He's apparently now the #5 quarterback on North Carolina State's roster, according to WRAL-TV's Jeff Gravley:
Compared to the other quarterbacks, Harrison Beck looked slow and out of shape. His passes sometimes looked like those B-B's that came out of a cheap B-B gun you had as a kid.
NC State hasn't decided on their quarterback...just that Beck isn't among the top three candidates. Beck played in five games last season, throwing for two touchdowns and nine interceptions. It would be too easy to rip on Beck, but I have to wonder what might have been without recruiting hype. Remember 2004? He was the rock star in this state. KETV-channel 7 gave him a blog. He had a web site. He was interviewed by every newspaper, every radio station around. But it's my opinion that it all went to his head. AJ the HuskerH8r likes to blame the fans for the wipeout that is Husker football, and to be sure, he might very well have a point with respect to Harrison Beck.

I'm not sure how the last week of the Summer Olympics can possibly match the first week. The incredible Michael Phelps saga, not to mention 41 year old Dara Torres. Add in beach volleyball in primetime, and it's been "can't miss TV". Unless Phelps announces his retirement, Omaha shouldn't hesitate to bid again to host the Olympic swimming trilas in 2012. If USA swimming really needs to move the dates up, do it. Talk to Warren Buffett and see if the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting can be moved up...or if it could be held outside at the new baseball stadium. The trials in Omaha have been prominently mentioned, and if Phelps returns in 2012, the eyes of the nation will be glued to the trials.

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