Saturday, January 31, 2009

National Signing Day!

Yes, it's time for the worst week in college football. National Signing Day is this week, and as usually, recruitniks are frothing over as usual, obsessing about rankings and statistics and prognosticating greatness.

And of course, it's as absurd as ever. Perhaps some of them will take time-out to watch the Super Bowl. Two great quarterbacks will be leading their teams onto the field in Tampa. Imagine the pride their families and alma maters must be feeling. And of course, the recruiting geniuses spotted these two early on.

Uh...wait...stop the presses. Ben Rothelisberger didn't even play quarterback until his senior season of high school. He ended up getting a college scholarship to Miami ... of Ohio. No "blue chipper" there.

Oh, but what about Kurt Warner? You know the former league and Super Bowl MVP? Had to be a huge get for somebody some signing day. Uh, no. He ended up at 1-AA Northern Iowa, and in fact, was third on the Panthers depth chart until his senior season. And then we all know the story of Warner. Tried out for the Packers, got cut, went to work for Hy-Vee as a stock boy, then played in the Arena game, then NFL Europe, then suddenly burst onto the scene in St. Louis. Now he's preparing to play in his third Super Bowl.

Yep...those recruiting geniuses were all over these two as well.

Here's some more classics from the past, in case you missed them on recruiting coverage:
And with that, it's time to take a break from the absurdity of this week. Talk to you again when sanity rules.

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MNHusker said...

"And with that, it's time to take a break from the absurdity of this week. Talk to you again when sanity rules."

Spot on. Haven't heard a peep out of college football since the final game--hell, after NFL finish (Go Steelers!) I have to think hard just to remember *who* played in the college bowls.

That said, this is an excellent time to start the countdown to the spring game. Gotta have something to do in this long drought when there is no good football being played. I guess there's baseball coming up. Yay.

Go Huskers!