Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Night Dessert: What a Difference A Week Makes for Brie

One wek certainly made a difference in the opinions of the Briejay fan. Last week, it was a feeling of complete indignation as the team they've loved for the last half-dozen or so years got passed over for the NCAA tournament. This week, that's the furthest thing from their mind.

OMG! F-in Kentucky is coming! Ashley Judd! Rick Pitino!

Umm no. We'll see if Mrs. Franchitti comes to town, but I think Pitino is going to concentrate on his current job. But whatever trips your trigger.

Amazing how the indignation from last week disappeared. The Brie stopped whining about Arizona (in the Sweet 16) and Michigan (kept it close against Oklahoma in the 2nd round), and have turned their attention to the Wildcats. Wisely so, since the arguments against the NCAA tournament committee just got weaker and weaker...especially with the egg that Creighton nearly laid against the Perverts in the 1st round.

Speaking of the NCAA tournament, not a lot of upsets, but it's been awfully close. My bracket looked a lot better before LSU knocked off Butler. I also took a flyer on Western Kentucky, which almost paid off. But alas...close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. One thing is for sure: CBS does a great job with the telecasts, especially with switching you between games. How about Friday night, when CBS bounced you back and forth between Ohio State/Siena and Wisconsin/Florida State.

I think every Husker basketball fan had the same disgusted feeling over the lunch hour on Thursday. Every Roburt Sallie three-point shot was a shot in the gut, as Sallie went for 35 points for Memphis to help the #2 seeded Tigers hold of Cal State-Northridge. I'm sure someone in the academic support office in Lincoln was feeling awfully uncomfortable on Thursday.

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Adam said...

I agree about CU.

I have no problem with the program itself, I think Dana Altman is a great guy and a top-notch coach, my beef is with the fans and Bruce Rasmussen, who seem to think that they're 'owed' a regular visit by Kentucky/Kansas/Duke/insert top-20 program here.

The fact remains that CU has made the Big Dance just twice in the past six years...and CU fans seem to be content with that, after making five consecutive trips from 1999-2003, including two first-round wins....if CU was really a basketball school, they'd be clamoring for Altman's head right now. Rather, they bitch and moan that 'the man' is keeping them down.

If they want to be considered among the nation's elite, it's as I wrote in The Reader last week, they need to go on the road and play BCS-type teams or find a new conference.

And, just as a side note, Gonzaga whom the Jay fans aspire to become, has made it to the Elite Eight just once, that was back in 1999. Then again, they play a rugged NC slate...go figure.