Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Night Dessert: Urban Meyer Media Circus

The more you read about Urban Meyer's health issues, the more you have to wonder just how strong the pull of coaching is.  Between heart issues, dehydration, and a brain cyst, Meyer's body is sending him clear signals...but still Meyer wants to coach.  Immediately after last night's announcement that Meyer was stepping down, the rumor mill ran amok, reporting that Bob Stoops was headed to Gainsville.  'Scuse me?  After how many false reports that Stoops was going to Notre Dame, you'd think the media would have learned their lesson about giving credibility to idle speculation.  Stop and think about it: Meyer had already said he would stay at Florida in an administrative position.  Can you imagine taking over the Florida job with Urban Meyer hanging around?  First loss, and people start asking Meyer how he's feeling.

Shawn Watson tells the Lincoln Journal-Star that Cody Green is expected to play in the Holiday Bowl this week.  Good move as while Nebraska certainly wants to win this bowl game, I really think the more important task is to figure out something with the offense.  Ten wins is a great accomplishment, but looking ahead to next season, it's not the number of wins as much as solving the offensive doldrums.  Remember the motto on the west side of Memorial Stadium:  "Not the victory but the action."  With a few weeks of healing for some injured players, it's time to see whether the spread attack works better with Brandon Kinnie involved in the offense.  And whether Green can operate that offense more efficiently than Zac Lee.  Cody Green has better mobility and running instincts than Lee, but at times, his arm reminds me of Jammal Lord in it's inconsistency.  (Sammy Vegas called him a "turnover waiting to happen".)

Notice that with Fox moving the Cotton Bowl to Saturday, there are now only FIVE bowl games on New Years Day?  The Outback at 10 am (why so effin' early?) between Northwestern and Auburn?  Zzzz.  Gator at noon with Bobby Bowden's last game?  Ok for sentimental reasons, I guess.  Citrus Bowl between Penn State and LSU?  Uggh...another game for the Big Ten to embarrass themselves.  Then the Irrelevent Yawner Bowl between Ohio State and Oregon followed by the Sugar Bowl with Urban Meyer's last game for now.  That's it.  Five.  And none particularly compelling.  I may end up watching the NHL Winter Classic from Fenway; early weather reports suggest a 50% chance of snow.

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