Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hudson, Bratwurst, and the Brief Respite from the Eternal Winter

Thanks to a horrific week of weather, I didn't get to check out the UNO hockey series against Alaska this weekend. The bitter wind chills made it unwise to take the kids out (especially when they are already battling winter coughs and colds), and Saturday, I wrenched my back digging out a 5 foot deep snowdrift on the back.  So I watched Friday night's game on TV, and followed along at home Saturday night.  The story of this weekend for UNO was my favorite Maverick:  Alex Hudson, who scored all three of UNO's goals.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but Hudson just seems to be a little bigger, stronger, and faster than most everybody else on the ice.

While I was sitting on my heating pad yesterday, I did get to check out the debut of Christian Standhardinger in a Husker uniform against Texas A&M.  The freshman from Germany finally became eligible...and just in the nick of time as Big XII play has begun.  And, oh, does this kid have game. I don't want to read too much into just one game, but if he continues to play at that level, Nebraska has a shot to be competitive in the middle of the Big XII.  Yes, Kansas, Texas, Kansas State, and Missouri are at the elite level in the conference.

The only surprise I had today was hearing the talking heads on television predicting New England to beat Baltimore this morning.  Oops.  Think that injury to Wes Welker didn't mean much now?

Finally, a quick salute to Travis Justice, who's signing off from local sports television. Didn't agree with him frequently, and he had a way of bloviating just about every subject, but you had to respect the effort he put in on local radio and television.  Not sure who'll replace him, because it'll probably take two or three guys to fill his shoes.  (And frankly, with the current economics of broadcasting the way they are, it's unlikely they'll do that...)

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