Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post Sabbatical Wrapup - Part 2

A few more odds-and-ends from the notebook:

While the other Husker blogs obsessed about recruiting, they completely missed the biggest story from two weeks ago...and it wasn't good news either.  Zac Lee's injury will keep him sidelined at the start of spring practice, and maybe all spring.  Definitely not good news for a Husker offense that sputtered against BCS conference competition; this offense needs work, and reps from the best players.  And whether you like it or not, Zac Lee is Nebraska's best quarterback.  I think it's clear that Lee's injury affected his play last season (remember those underthrows of Niles Paul late in the season?); does a healthy Lee hit Paul in stride?  The only good news is that it gives Cody Green a chance to do some serious development and work on poise and better touch and accuracy on his throws.  We know Green has the wheels, but can he develop his arm to become a true dual-threat quarterback?  This spring, he'll have the opportunity.

Speaking of the spring game...over 50,000 tickets were sold in the first week.  A quick check of huskers.com shows that currently the best seats available are more than half-way up the north end zone...meaning that if you don't make a decision soon to buy tickets, it might be too late.  A bigger question might be...will some of this snow still be on the ground in mid-April?

Funny how people who use all the snow here as proof that global warming is a "scam" ignore the record warmth in British Columbia that has forced the organizers of the Olympics to truck in snow.  Before people read too much into that statement, let me simply say that neither situation is proof one way or the other as to whether the Earth is warming or cooling; it's just one winter of varying weather worldwide.

Did anybody else watching Dan Patrick's "interview" of three female US skiers during the Olympic opening ceremonies get the feeling they were watching a middle-aged guy trying to pick up college coeds in a bar?  The best description I could come up with was to call it "creepy" at best.

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