Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Night Dessert: Incoming!

A few quick late notes:

I wasn't anywhere near Rosenblatt tonight, but from west Omaha with all of the lightning I observed, I'm not sure that game one should have even been begun, let alone completed.  From about 6 pm on, the thunder was pretty constant, and all coming from the east and southeast.

Sadly, today's Oklahoma/South Carolina game was the best of the series so far.  Sadly, because only a couple thousand fans were able to stick around for the finish.  We'll see how many people will answer the morning bell for a 10 am first pitch between Arizona State and permitting.  How early will they open the parking lots for the tailgating?

If the weather forecast for tomorrow holds, this could all be repeated Tuesday morning as well.

Over at the US Open, it was amazing to see how two rusty golfers stay in contention at Pebble Beach, which was in control of the weekend. Anybody catch Y.E. Yang's adventures on the 14th hole on Friday evening? Been there, done that:  chip on and watches it roll off, tries the putter and it does a U-turn as well...then it just gets embarassing.  The big difference is that only a couple of people catch me doing it on the local muni...and it's certainly not televised on ESPN.  But when Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are able to devote themselves full-time to golf, the rest of the world better watch out.

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