Thursday, July 22, 2010

Radio Waves

Not sure what was up with Omaha's KOZN-AM ("1620 The Zone") today, but there were unknown fill-in hosts with both Kevin Kugler and Mike'l Severe both on vacation. The fill-in's tried...but frankly, with nothing really sports related going on was pretty much DOA. Pretty disappointing; in fact, I'd suggest that they just pipe in the Cubs vs. Cardinals game tomorrow afternoon.  After today, you do have to admire the job those two do in keeping the show fairly fresh..even in the dog days of summer.  You just don't realize what you've got until it's gone, I guess.

I think that also might explain why KOZN was nominated for the national Marconi Award for "Sports Station of the Year" alongside stations in New York City, Miami, Detroit, and (believe it or not) Bemidji. They certainly do a heck of a job with 7 hours of local sports talk each weekday, plus numerous specials throughout the year. It's easy to take issue with what they might be saying...but at least they are trying, unlike their competition.

I was reminded of this when I saw a tweet from former Omaha sports talk host Matt Perrault, who headed to Des Moines after his Omaha show was cancelled.  Seems he's trying to trying his best to spin things for him:
Today's show. Prime example of why DMS > Omaha to work sports talk. Guests: Ali Farokmanesh (ESPYs) - Sage Rosenfels (camp) on July 16th.
Yeah... right...  I guess the Northern Iowa upset over Kansas was interesting in March...but it's now July.  A guy from Northern Iowa and the Vikings backup quarterback does not make for scintillating radio. But hey, it sounds like he's found his niche.  Good for him that he's found a place in a smaller market where he can succeed.

In hindsight, I do think I may have been a little too harsh on his show's poor ratings.  I recently learned that last summer, KXSP-AM's ratings fell to 0 after Perrault was let go.  Even last fall, the station's ratings were half of what they were the year prior with Perrault's show on the air.  It sure makes me wonder what the point of keeping "Big Sports 590" on the air when it seems virtually nobody is listening to it.

KFAB recently received an extension to be Omaha's affiliate for Husker sports through 2014. Not that it was any surprise.  Certainly KXSP could clear up as much airtime as they could to carry anything and everything Husker related, but the tradition of the Huskers on KFAB counts for something. And frankly, as long as they keep Steve Pederson apologist Jim Rose relegated to the morning show and off the broadcasts, it's fine. And he makes just as much sense as a political commentator now as he did in his days mangling Husker play-by-play calls.


Josh Eppert said...

"Touchdown Nebraska, and Ball State takes the lead."


Anonymous said...

Matt P. wasn't bad at sports on 590, except that he was a total Creighton homer. The jays could lose a soccer game by 80 to 1 and all you would hear about was the one great goal in the 3rd.

The other fault of the show was that compared to 1620, the sports show was just sports. Sports gets boring. I really don't want to listen to some ex jock tell me about a game that happened 10 years ago or a couple of sports nerds arguing over which brand of gym socks Tommy Frazier wore.

He couldn't get past the sports to talk about other topics that men find interesting. He couldn't get past the big 3 college sports (no Mav hockey there). He couldn't sound comfortable with people who hiked, hunted, or fished.

So Matt had a show that was Bluejay blue all winter long, and sports nerd talk all the rest of the year. He competed against a team that could make it on ESPN nationwide. We know what the outcome was.