Saturday, October 02, 2010

An Evening Full of College Football WTF

With tickets in hand for the UNO Mavericks exhibition game against British Columbia, I headed downtown to check out UNO. Not sure what to make of the Mavs this season with 11 freshmen on the roster. The Mavs started off rather sluggish as you might expect from a team playing it's first game with such newcomers. Freshman Matt White got off to a hot start with two goals tonight, and Alex Hudson had yet another highlight reel goal, this time scoring on a breakaway while being taken down from behind.

Checking out the televisions in the club lounge between periods, I could see I was missing a good game between Oregon and Stanford, and Alabama was absolutely throttling Florida at home. Got home in time to catch the end of the Oregon game, and frankly, my initial thought is to move Oregon to #2 on my BlogPoll ballot this week, especially after the Zooker gave the Buckeyes a bit of a tussle earlier today.  Then I got to check out some of the scores.  Texas came back against Oklahoma?  When I turned it off before halftime, it looked like the Sooners were rolling...and then to see that the Sooners nearly gifted the game back to the Longhorns with a Landry Jones fumble in the closing minutes?  Oh my.

As I looked into this one, I happened to see the other Big XII scores that I missed. Colorado beat Georgia? I thought A.J. Green would be enough to give them the edge over the Buffies.  Bzzzzz.  Does this mean the 3-1 Buffaloes are turning things around?  Maybe, but maybe the 1-4 Bulldogs really are that bad.

But then the real shocker:  Iowa State 52, Texas Tech 38.  Still not quite sure what happened here after reading the recaps.  The folks over at Clone Chronicles are ecstatic, and as you might expend, the fans at Double T Nation are downright despondent.

Right now, other than Kansas getting absolutely destroyed by Baylor, the Big XII North might be ready to take a step back to prominence in the Big XII.  (Read that again slowly.  Kansas get destroyed by Baylor.)  Texas isn't as good as they've been in recent years.  Oklahoma might not be either.  Texas Tech ain't.  A&M looks to be repeating the Callahan Clusterfool.  Meanwhile Colorado and Iowa State just pulled off huge victories.  Missouri looked pretty good last week.

Oh the fun this last season of the Big XII could be...

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