Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010 BlogPoll Week 12

Not a lot of changes this week, other than to bump up Alabama and LSU over Nebraska, who drop with another stagnant offensive performance. Hard to keep them above those SEC schools after last week's game.

After spot 14, the upsets began, and everybody just floated up accordingly.  It seems kind of numb, but I'm not sure any of those teams told us anything more other than the teams they leaped, just kind of sucked this week.  Especially Iowegia, who seem to be kind of manic-depressive.  I had planned to just drop Utah completely from the rankings, but couldn't find anybody else to put into the rankings.  Southern Cal joins the party by upsetting Arizona, and Miami, well, doesn't look as bad as the other schools that I considered.  Hawai'i? North Carolina State?
Big XII PowerPoll
  1. Nebraska
  2. Oklahoma State
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Missouri
  5. Texas A&M
  6. Baylor
  7. Kansas State
  8. Iowa State
  9. Texas Tech
  10. Texas
  11. Kansas
  12. Colorado

No real changes this week; I thought about dropping Iowa State for losing to Colorado, but I'm not ready to promote the Buffies out of the cellar.  The gap between K-State and Iowa State is growing.  Those last five teams are kind of a round robin of suckage; put them in any order you wish.

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