Monday, September 12, 2011

BlogPoll Ballot: Moving the Huskers Down to #17

One of the fundamental premises of this blog was to say what I think, no matter whether people like it or not. Hence "Blasphemy" in the title. During the Bill Callahan era, Blasphemy was what I espoused until everything collapsed in the fall of 2007. Since then, I haven't been so contrarian. There wasn't much of a reason...but my ballot for this week's BlogPoll might be viewed that way.

At halftime on Saturday, I seriously began questioning whether Nebraska even deserved to be rated at this point. A relatively better performance in the second half eliminated the question of not rating the Big Red, but still, Nebraska does not look like a Top Ten team at this point.  I'm not sure they look like a Top 20 team either...but as I looked around for teams to move ahead of Nebraska, I stopped at #17 because I ran out of teams that I felt I could rank above the Huskers.  Ohio State struggled more with Toledo on Saturday. South Florida came close, but I wasn't ready to do that. And I don't believe in Texas A&M at this point either.

So #17 is where Nebraska lands. It's early in the season, and I think Nebraska has Top Ten potential. They just aren't playing that way.  So down they go for now.

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