Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Ridiculously Premature Spring BlogPoll Ballot

I'm not a big fan of preseason polls, so my first reaction when I was asked to submit a post-spring BlogPoll ballot was to ignore it.  But in this slow time of year, I decided that maybe I'd go ahead and throw my ballot out there.  I admit that it's a pretty uneducated ballot, but I went ahead with it anyway.

I wonder if I'm dropping Oklahoma State too much based on the loss of Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden...but I just don't know what they've got to replace them.  A lot of people love Michigan State, but I still have too many questions about the Spartans on offense.  You don't replace your quarterback, all of your receivers, and your starting running back from the previous season and  get matter how stout you are on defense.  And with five all-conference selections, they should be good on defense...though they did 69 points in their final two games.

Nebraska? I think they should be better than last year, but I felt the same thing last year.  So I can't rank them higher, and frankly, I'll probably get a homer citation anyway for it.

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