Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sacaremento Owner Says The UFL Is Back This Fall; Does that Mean the Omaha Nighthawks as well?

Sacramento Mountain Lions owner Paul Pelosi told Fox40 that the UFL team will play this fall.  They'll move to Raley Field, a 14,000 seat baseball stadium that's the home of the PCL's Sacramento River Cats.  KOZN's Mike'l Severe tweets this morning that a league announcement could come as soon as tomorrow.

Severe implies that Omaha will still be part of the league, and that rumor is also posted on the UFL's Facebook page by a fan.  Mind you, the UFL hasn't updated Facebook in months, and their web site hasn't been updated since last year.

That raises the question:  Can the UFL rebuild teams, find sponsors, and sell tickets to play this season?  My take is that it's too late to make this work this fall; it's going to be a slapped-together effort that doesn't inspire confidence in the long term viability of the league. The league already suffers from the perception that it's a joke, and a last-minute announcement only reinforces that.  Frankly, I think the league could do more damage to itself with this plan, but I could be proven wrong.  (It's happened before.)

But, hey, that's probably what Gary Sharp is going to be the announcer for. Let's hope that it works out better than 2011.  Hope for the best...but fear for the worst.

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