Monday, October 01, 2012

Tickets Now On Sale for Omaha's "Winter Classic"

Just stopped by the CenturyLink Center box office to buy my tickets for the "Battles on Ice" outdoor hockey game between UNO and North Dakota in February at TD Ameritrade Park. I decided to skip the presale last week because of the outrageous Ticketmaster fees.  Seats that cost me $30 each today were nearly $40 each after the Ticketmaster "convenience" charges.

Did I need to buy tickets today?  Probably not.  But I figure that eventually the tickets will sell out and the seat choices will only decline going forward.  And there are probably more bad seats than good seats when you are playing hockey in a baseball stadium.  So I chose my upperdeck seats in the second row; according to the seat map, it should be right behind the southwest goal along the first base line.

I am so happy that UNO did not include these tickets in my season ticket package; I probably would have been forced to buy a $70 ticket that probably won't have as good of a view.  Some of my fellow UNO fans would disagree on that point...but I'm convinced many UNO fans would have paid more in total if the game had been bundled.

Now, let's just hope that the weather is mild in early February.

In a related note, the goalposts are now up at TD Ameritrade Park.  The Nighthawks opened their 2012 season with a come-from behind win on Friday against Sacramento. 

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