Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reenacting the Disputed Michigan Goal from the 2011 NCAA Hockey Tournament

With UNO facing Michigan for the first time since that infamous 2011 NCAA Tournament game, Michigan folks are once again indignant that anybody believes that UNO got hozed by the referees call at the end of the game.
To refresh everybody's memory, here's what happened.
Keep in mind that the original call was no goal, and the decision to award Michigan the victory came from the instant replay.  Michigan fans have taken video shot from the far end of the ice, blown it up to where pixels are about the size of a puck as some sort of definitive proof that the puck was in the net.

It's not definitive.
All those images that Michigan fan produces showing ice between the puck and the goal line are not definitive without proof that the puck is actually on the ice.  Could it have been a goal? Absolutely.  In fact, I'd concede probably. But it's not definitive, as the above reenactment indicates.  "Probably a goal" is not a goal.

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