Thursday, March 17, 2016

On The Mend: The Cast is Off!

For those of you who wondered where I went, I broke my left wrist and right thumb in early February. Surgery followed a few days later, followed by four weeks in a cast. Needless to say, with only four functioning fingers, typing has been very difficult. (Hello, hunt and peck!)  Hence, my lack of posting anything of substance except on Twitter. (140 characters is a manageable task...but much more than than that gets excruciating at times.)

The cast has been replaced by a removable brace, and I'm starting to regain the use of my left hand slowly. Hopefully after Easter, I'll be back and blogging a little more often. And it'll probably begin with a few topics that have been chafing me over the last few weeks: the collapse of UNO hockey, the questions surrounding the finances of the new Baxter Arena, and Mike Riley's backtracking on running the ball.

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Patrick said...

Welcome back Mike. Glad you're healing well.