Saturday, July 23, 2005

Does Callahan understand college football?

Deep in his heart, I think Bill Callahan still thinks he's an NFL coach. He still calls preseason practices "training camp", and several quotes from the Big XII Media days indicate that he's still hasn't adjusted to the college game. And at this point, one does have to start wondering if he ever will.

On not being able to watch off-season workouts: "I can't understand that. It would be like a CEO of a corporation who couldn't watch and evaluate the people who work for him. I think we need to amend that." Sounds like Callahan has forgotten that this is amateur sports, and these are college students. These workouts are voluntary for a reason, and if the coaching staff starts running them, then you can throw out the voluntary status of these workouts.

On defense: "The college rules really play in your favor as a defensive coach. You can be more physical, creat more collisions and disrupt more route runners on or near the line of scrimmage and on down the field. Look at the NFL rule. After a 5-yard bump, it's hands off and a cleaner game." Except for John Blake (3 years with the Dallas Cowboys), no defensive coach on the current staff has NFL experience. So why would the NFL rules have an impact on how the Huskers play defense?

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