Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sporting News: Callahan can't point fingers

Matt Hayes of The Sporting News joins the parade of national correspondents taking shots at Bill Callahan, this time for pointing the fingers at his players for the loss to Kansas. And while I'm not sure he directly blamed the players for Kansas, he sure implied it with some of his comments. It's not even the most recent example of this; last Saturday, he blamed Zac Taylor for "telegraphing" that boneheaded swing pass that resulted in an easy safety against Kansas State.

Some people will be quick to attribute this to a national media "hatred" of Nebraska, but let's be honest here, that's just blaming the messenger. But let's be honest, outside of recruiting, Callahan has not accomplished much since arriving at Nebraska. Perhaps after Callahan gets all his recruits in place, Callahan may look like a smarter coach and a better hire.


JP Anderson said...

This guy is taking one statement ("You do the best you can with the players you've got") and focuses entirely on it and nothing else.

I heard this statement on the radio driving home after the KU game and frankly I had to agree with it. Callahan needs his own players. He's never had them before as a head coach. He inherited both teams he has coached.

He needs time. All these pundits looking at it from the outside have no idea what's going on. They aren't here following the team every day. They write some article from 1700 miles away and expect ME to take them seriously.

I fart in their general diRECTion.

JP Anderson said...

I'm critical of myself too with this (including my treading deep water and being a jerk in my criticism of these negative blog sites):

Talk is cheep (note the spelling).
The sky is falling but because Solich ruined the Ozone layers.
If Callahan cannot show progress then we fart in his general direction
- but -
We cannot let the short attention span of the rest of the sporting
world make our decisions for us.
Patience Iago - As the I Ching indicates, "It furthers one to cross the great waters" -
pundits are a mile wide and an inch deep -