Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rock Chalk Jayhawk....P U!

In hoops, Kansas blasted Nebraska 96-54 this afternoon; this was the worst loss by the Huskers against the Jayhawks and fourth worst in Nebraska history. I've been a proponent of Barry Collier, but it's looking like he is going to be fired in the next couple of months, barring a turnaround.

The Kansas fans were chanting "Just Like Football" towards the end of the game. Perhaps Collier can turn around the Huskers season like Bill Callahan did...


Carl said...

I almost became physically ill during the game. How awful was that? And our gracious friends from the south were more than happy to rub it in.

I have season tickets and I can't bring myself to go to the games because its so hard to watch those kids getting outplayed. Its not like there isn't any talent on that team, but they just can't put together a full 40 minutes.

Husker Mike said...

Here's the scarier proposition. We might have to endure another Steve Pederson "one man committee" coaching search.

Carl said...

I can't believe its remotely legal for these 'one man committee' searches. I'm an employee of the U. of N. and we need a diverse committee of at least 4 faculty and 1 graduate student to change a light bulb.

I will ask (since I don't know), did Pederson hire the B-ball coach that's currently at (1 loss) Pitt?

Husker Mike said...

Pederson hired Ben Howland as Pitt's basketball coach, who is now at UCLA. Jamie Dixon was Howland's top assistant at Pitt.

Of course, it's unknown whether Pederson used a "one man committee" at Pitt. And don't forget, Pederson was hired by a "one-man committee": Harvey Perlman who disbanded the search committee in hiring Pederson.

Anonymous said...

Since I have been alive, I've only seen one Big 8/12 championship at Nebraska. Should we really be suprised with the loss?

I think the expectations became inflated with the two wins to start the Big 12 schedule. Unfortunately I think we are headed to 7-9 in the conference.

As for coaching, what top tier coach would take a position at a football school, with little basketball tradition, that is up the road from a program up to it's ears in tradition. My thoughts are, only the criminally insane.

As for Pederson, how many people didn't know he was the committee of one!!!