Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More on Beck

Harrison Beck missed his 5th straight practice yesterday with injuries to his hamstring and throwing shoulder. While the injury itself may not be serious, the loss of valuable practice time is. Let's face it, practice observers were reporting that Beck was still struggling before the injury. Meanwhile, Joe Ganz continues to impress, though nobody gives him much of a shot. In any event, this makes this weekend's spring game almost a non-event since Zac Taylor will probably only make a token appearance. Ganz and Beau Davis will likely take most of the snaps on Saturday, because even if Beck makes it back to practice, they probably will hold him out of contact.

Beck's injury also means that Callahan and Norvell have to make a tough decision with less to work with...and that is whether to target a junior college quarterback, especially one that can arrive at the semester break. I wouldn't be surprised if that recruiting isn't already underway, encouraging potential targets to take enough classes over the summer to become eligible by Christmas.

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huskerGma said...

husker mike you are out of your mind! you wouldn't know how to evaluate a great QB if you had to!!just cause the kid sings with a band to let out some steam doesn't mean he's not a good QB! And where did you get this 40% completion pass bullcrap?? How about the receivers run their routes correctly and attempt to catch his bullet passes without dropping them?Harrison is the best drop back passer to arrive at UNL EVER! zt ISN'T EVEN WORTHY OF TYING HIS SHOELACES!! people in Lincoln should watch some SEC Football games--and see how a QB should play!! Harrison shoud have chosen anSEC conference team...he would have gotten more respect that he deserves!! tha kid gets a 3.8 Gpa doesn't drink or get into trouble and is the strongest and most physically gifted QB on the team!! people need to shut up and give the kid a chance to show his stuff this year and not worry about the few little drivels of playing time he got last uear--a total waste of his redshirt to be sure!!