Thursday, June 08, 2006

Solich & GHB

In the week since the Sporting News article on Frank Solich testing positive for GHB exposure, reactions have been as expected. People who support Solich were pleased that the former coach might be exonerated, while those folks who hate Solich were either (a) silent, (b) expressed disinterest (even though they were sure interested when the Solich DWI story broke!), or (c) disbelief. The disbelief reaction was interesting and humorous to read; some folks indicated that they even knew what Solich's Breathalizer reading was! (Which would be news to the Athens Police Department, since Solich refused a breath test!)

Earlier this week, the Athens News did a little more research and contacted two other authorities on GHB detection in hair who said that the levels documented in the toxicology report appear to be excessive. This raises the question that the results could be wrong, though it could also be the result of a mathematical transposition error. (This possibility hasn't stopped some of the Solich haters from suddenly regaining interest in this story now that the test results can be questioned.)

So what's the truth? Well, who knows at this point. When the Dalton e-mail first was circulated at the end of March, the authenticy and accuracy of the story weren't known. Now that the e-mail has been validated, it looks plausible. I lean more towards believing the story as reviving this whole story could prove more harmful to Solich's reputation if it can't be substantiated. It will be interesting to see how this case develops.

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