Wednesday, December 13, 2006

As the Quarterbacks Turn

In August, Brian Hildebrand's plans to transfer to Nebraska was a contributing factor to Harrison Beck's spectactular departure. However, the subsequent arrival of Sam Keller and then the commitment of Zac Lee changed the Huskers' plans, and now Hildebrand is leaving Lincoln.

However, he's not leaving quietly. Today on Big Sports 590, Hildebrand told Matt Perrault that the coaches reneged on a promise to put him on scholarship next semester and accused them of lacking "integrity". Pretty bold statements, though we've heard them from other players who've left the program in the Callahan era. They are even more surprising when you consider Hildebrand's comments when he arrived in August. Many kool-aid drinkers will automatically dismiss Hildebrand's charges as sour grapes, and many critics will automatically take them at face value. Where's the truth? Somewhere in between likely. In any event, Hildebrand is in a tough spot as leaving a second division 1-A program (he originally redshirted as a freshman at Oregon State 2 years ago) doesn't leave him a lot of options. He could go division II and play for 2 years, or go 1-AA and play for one year.

In any event, that seems to solidify Sam Keller's status as heir apparant as Nebraska's next starting quarterback. Keller was named scout team player of the year, and Corey McKeon said that Keller has been regularly torching the Blackshirts in practice. Of course, that just puts him in the same class as Adam Barmann in finding holes in the CozBohl "Bend and Break". Perhaps we also see why Keller's teammates in Tempe went to Dirk Koetter and asked for Rudy Carpenter to start instead. Keller is known to yell at teammates who make mistakes, which is fine as long as Keller owns up to his own screwups.

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AJ said...

I see it two ways. First, Callahan Inc probably did promise him a lot to get him there. They were in a complete bind, and had to get somebody in. I don't doubt for a second, that there are some slimey negotiations that go on in recruiting. With that, I wouldn't be shocked if some unethical behavior was going on.

However, football is big business, and these guys aren't 12. They're legal adults, and as adults...even as young adults, you have to live with your decisions. Sucks for him, but Callahan's job is to win and not get fired. So for that..I don't blame him too much.

Not the worst problem to have.