Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mavs Need to Regroup

The Nebraska-Omaha hockey team finally returns to home ice after 5 weeks after going 0-2-2 on the road the last two weeks. Last weekend at Lake Superior State was especially frustrating as UNO let 2 hird period leads slip away both nights...turning a potential 4 point weekend into just 1.

The good news for UNO is that last place Bowling Green is coming to Omaha this weekend. Last month, UNO swept the Falcons on their home ice, winning 4-1 Friday and 7-1 Saturday. MavRick compiled the Saturday night carnage on YouTube:

UNO's 8-9-6 record is a little tough to stomach at this point; certainly this is a better team than the record indicates. Certainly better than #17 Niagara, who UNO throttled 10-1 back in October in a game that wasn't even that close. UNO is going to need to make up a lot of ground over the next few weeks to reclaim home ice for the playoffs. They can't continue to let games slip away.


AJ said...

"A little tough to stomach"?


Complete and total disaster.

Husker Mike said...

Disaster would be 5-15-3, not 8-9-6. Maybe disgusting, definitely disappointing, but not a disaster. The door isn't closed at this point...but it's moving in that direction.

AJ said...

I disagree. There is way way way way too much talent on this team. If the problem were firepower and luck...I could see it.

But the players on this team...for the past 10 years...are NEVER EVER ready to play, night in and night out. That's Kemp's fault, and if he hasn't fixed it by now...he never will.

If you have Scott Parse and 20 or so returning sure as hell better be able to be better than 8-9-6.

Husker Mike said...

I still believe we have to let the season play itself out. I really think this team has a run in them similar to last season. The schedule does play out better than the first half of the season when they had to play ranked teams back-to-back-to-back. 20 wins isn't completely out of the question.

If we end the season 14-17-10 though...