Monday, December 03, 2007

Trev Alberts: "We're going to have one of the best coaching staffs"

Trev Alberts is gushing over the changes underway at Memorial Stadium, according to the Lincoln Journal-Star:
“We’re going to have one of the best coaching staffs in the country”
“This is not a situation where we go through these processes of, ‘Well, we don’t have any talent,’ and then the next year, ‘Well, we’ve got to teach them the system.’

“There is a lot of talent here at Nebraska. I truly believe that. With the proper coaching and motivation, I truly believe that they’re going to be competing for the Big 12 North again next year.”

And that was yesterday. Today, Alberts was spotted leaving Memorial Stadium leading to speculation that he could be part of the athletic department. Nothing has officially been announced, but the Lincoln Journal-Star confirmed that former receivers coach Ron Brown is back as tight ends coach. Today, KETV-Channel 7 reported that former offensive coordinator Barney Cotton, former defensive backs coach Marvin Sanders, and Northern Iowa linebackers coach Scott Frost all were spotted around the Husker offices. It also appears that only Shawn Watson and Ted Gilmore will be retained from the previous staff.

So here's an initial guess at a coaching staff under Bo Pelini:
QB's: Shawn Watson (offensive coordinator perhaps?)
WR's: Ted Gilmore
TE's: Ron Brown
OL: Barney Cotton
DL: Carl Pelini (you'd have to expect Carl to leave Ohio to work with his brother)
LB: TBA (Jimmy Williams, now at Buffalo?)
DB: Scott Frost
Defensive Coordinator: Marvin Sanders


Carl said...

While I hope it's true, Alberts is a huge homer and I don't trust him to be objective. His "Nebraska is back" comments after every Callahan victory are still coming back to haunt us.

I'm hoping Shawn Watson stays to add continuity to the staff. His offense wasn't terrible, and maybe without Billy C's ego getting in the way, it'll be better.

Anonymous said...

I worry that this is too much of a "deja-vu" coaching staff. Hiring people who got jacked by Pederson/Callahan may make a for a "feel good" story now, but might not pay off (completely) in the future.

I have little doubt that this group will do better than Callahan, if only because I think they will try to coach and play to the talent that is there, and not try to "fit" people into a system regardless of how well it is working. I also think Pellini will put his best performing players on the field. It might be unfair to judge by just 2 games, but it appears that the Huskers did not put the best quarterback on the field for most of this season.

But going back to Nebraska's '90s offense probably won't win championships, either National or Big 12, although it probably can get 8 to 9 plus wins and get Nebraska to the Big 12 game. I hope that whatever offensive scheme they come up with, it has a twist that keeps the Huskers from being totally predictable.

Just to be clear, I am not predicting Nebraska to be the Big 12 North winner next year. One thing the new coaches do not need are expectations that are too high, at least at the start. If you had listened to Alabama fans at the beginning of this season you would think that the Crimson Tide would be playing for the National Championship on Jan 7. Instead, a lot of their fans are grousing about 'another 6-6 season'.