Friday, February 08, 2008

As I thought...Not Much Happening

Aside from the lunacy of recruitniks trying to predict who outdid who, not much to say right now. I think AJ the HuskerH8r has the right idea...

UNO hockey got a couple of needed points last weekend in Lansing against #6 Michigan State, squeaking out an overtime victory Friday night then staying competitive for most of the Saturday afternoon contest, losing 4-2. Alas, they gave away a little of that momentum tonight, only netting a tie against Ohio State. Easy come, easy go.

Greg Sharpe was finally named the new "Voice of the Huskers" this week. At first, I was hoping either Kent Pavelka would return or Kevin Kugler would get the job; either would have been a major improvement. But both announcers have their detractors, which makes Sharpe a safer choice. And after listening to his highlights of the final three games last season, he's got the pipes to do the job justice.

That was one heck of a finish at the Super Bowl! Too bad for me that Eli Manning didn't turn his game up earlier in the season; my fantasy football team really needed the points. I've never quite figured out Tom Brady, but the Super Bowl cleared things up for me. Brady's a decent talent, but more importantly, he's had the luxury of playing behind a great offensive line. That line typically gave him an absurd amount of time to scan the field and make the throws, propelling him to three Super Bowl wins. And maybe a fourth... if the Giants defensive line hadn't found a way to dominate the Patriots. Suddenly, Tom Terrific became Tom Mediocre as he was harassed most of the day.

Some Husker fans are blowing a gasket over Barney Cotton's statement to the Omaha World-Herald about wanting the roster to be two-third's Nebraska kids. That's two thirds of the roster, not scholarships as some folks have claimed. Division 1-A schools are limited to 85 scholarships, so if Nebraska's roster expands to, oh, say 150 players, that means 65 walkons in the program. Just for argument, let's say that 60 out of the 65 walkons are Nebraskans. Two thirds of 150 players is 100, so that would mean that 40 scholarships would go to Nebraska kids. Or probably around 8 a year. High, maybe... but not excessive in my book. Of course, does "two-thirds" mean exactly 66.6%, or is it something more like "around 66%". And do you consider guys like Barney's son Ben to be a "Nebraska" kid? He graduated from Ames, IA High...but it would be hard to argue that he's not a Nebraska kid.

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