Sunday, March 16, 2008

Huskers to the NIT; Mavs Get Swept by Weasels

Game two of the UNO/Michigan series was a little more competitive, though in the end, the only difference was in the margin of defeat with a 2-1 loss ending the Mavs season. Disappointing season, though it was mitigated by the season-ending injury to Bryan Marshall (leading the nation in assists when he went out) and eligibility questions that sidelined Juha Uotila much of the season. In the end, those are just excuses, and the pressure is on Mike Kemp to take the program to the next level with a top four finish. Fifth place finishes like the previous two seasons are no longer acceptable, since fourth gets you home ice in the 2nd round and a first round bye.

Husker basketball season continues, as they received an invitation to the NIT and will play Charlotte (coached by Bobby Lutz, remember him?) Wednesday night at 8 pm in Lincoln. The NIT recognized the Huskers improved play as of late, making them a #3 seed when some idiots had them on the bubble.

The NCAA selection comittee certainly smiled on Creighton fans today. No, the Jays didn't make the tournament. They aren't that generous; in fact, the NIT committee determined the Jays and Huskers were pretty even by giving both #3 seeds in the NIT. But they certainly increased the profits the BrieJay fan will get for scalping the tickets they stole. Not only did the Jayhawks get their reservations confirmed, getting a matchup against Portland State, but several other intriguing matchups. UNLV and Kent State will face off for the right to play Kansas, while in the evening session, fabulous freshmen O.J. Mayo and Michael Beasley will square off as USC takes on Kansas State, while Wisconsin fans will head west for a matchup against Cal State Fullerton. (Did the NCAA selection committee have baseball on their mind when they decided to send Fullerton to Omaha?)

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