Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday Night Beer: Bo Means Business

A few thoughts while waiting to see if Kansas can avoid the biggest choke job since the Houston Oilers blew a 32 point lead at Buffalo:

Well, Bo Pelini wasn't just talking last month when he told Husker football players that certain downtown Lincoln establishments were off limits. Thursday night/Friday morning, Pelini was spotted around downtown Lincoln, apparently looking for Husker players who might have been violating his new team rules. I'd say that Pelini is definitely walking the walk unlike nearly every other coach I've seen. Is this approach going to be successful? Way too soon to say...but it's safe to say he's doing things his way. Certainly his predecessor wouldn't have been caught dead in downtown Lincoln around midnight unless his perfect play needed a young coed.

Today's Lincoln Journal-Star practice report suggests that Cody Glenn is surprising the coaches with his progress at linebacker. He even practiced with the first string defense...though that might be a bigger reflection on the lack of depth at that position.

The Omaha World-Herald has a nice profile of Curenski Gilleylen. He might have been more of a prototype Husker receiver five or ten years ago than in recent years, but he's certainly making an impact this spring. He certainly didn't arrive in Lincoln with a lot of buzz...but made an impression last fall.

If you are thinking about attending the spring game in a couple of weeks...better order your tickets now if you haven't already. As of yesterday, there are less than 8,000 tickets left according to the Husker ticket office. I was hoping to wait and see how the weather was going to be before taking my 1 year old daughter, but we might just order the tickets and hope for the best.

If you do go to the spring game, expect the team to look a lot lighter than it did last year. More importantly, they should be much, much faster. Of course, watching how everybody ran through and past the Huskers last season, it's got to be an improvement.

UNO Quiddich, anybody?

Speaking of April Fools Day, Jeffie over at DoubleExtraPoint brings you Pete Carroll's April Fools Day joke. Seems that police interrupted a USC team meeting, telling Carroll that they had a tape of defensive end Everson Griffen "physically abusing a freshman." The police escort Griffen out of the room while Carroll hands the tape over to the video crew, who pops the tape up on the big screen. The "abuse"? Practice tape of Griffen bowling over offensive lineman Matt Meyer...

Ahh, I see Kansas did manage to hold off the Tar Heels after all. Looks like I'll win the DXP NCAA tournament pool...

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Curse you Mike and your obvious choice of Memphis in the title game!