Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Garth Glissman Does The Impossible: Compliments Both Solich and Callahan

Former Husker walk-on quarterback Garth Glissman wrote an passionate article that helps explain the importance of the Husker walk-on program...and in doing so, does something that is rare nowadays.

He complimented both Frank Solich and Bill Callahan.

I will always remember Coach Solich’s amazing ability to connect with his players on a very personal level, inspire loyalty from his players, and instill toughness in his team. On a more personal note, I will be eternally grateful to Coach Solich for giving me the opportunity to be a Nebraska football player.And when I when I was frustrated with my status on the depth and made the foolish, selfish, and inmature decision to contemplate transferring to another school, I am eternally grateful that Coach Solich welcomed me back with open arms.

As for Coach Callahan, I wish more Nebraskans had known him like I did. He is one of the hardest working and most intelligent individuals I have ever encountered. He is a life-long learner who was always eager to learn from others and improve himself. Coach Callahan may not have won enough games or connected well enough with the fan base to keep most Nebraskans happy, but he should be remembered as a fundamentally good man who gave Nebraska’s football program his best shot.

Whenever you see those two names together, it's way to easy to start rehashing the same old tired debate that will never change anybody's opinion. It's sure nice for once to see both men getting a little positive talk.

He also talks about his experience with Bo Pelini:
Political pundits often talk about the “it” factor. “It” is some combination of a personal charisma and intangible qualities that inspires and motivates others. John F. Kennedy had an abundance of “it.” Ronald Reagan had “it” too. These days Barack Obama appears seems to have more of “it” than any other politician. As far as football coaches go, Bo Pelini has more of “it” than anyone I have ever encountered. Unlike Kennedy or Reagan whose charisma could be detected after watching just a few moments of a speech, Coach Pelini’s “it” factor cannot be easily measured or identified from the outside looking in. But “it” is readily apparent to anyone who has ever spent a significant amount of time around Coach Pelini. “It” is in the way he treats people on a daily basis. “It” is the confident swagger with which he conducts his daily affairs. “It” is in the way he builds confidence in young men. Nebraska football’s program is fortunate to have a coach with so much of “it.”
It's a great read... although diabetics might need a shot of insulin due to sugar overload. I don't find it artificially sweet, but rather an article that came from the Glissman's heart.

Husker fans could learn a lesson from Garth Glissman.

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