Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Night Beer: Darth Husker's Legal Problems Commence

In what could be the first of several lawsuits, the publisher of the Daily Oklahoman and one of their sportswriters have sued Darth Husker for libel as well as infringments on the Oklahoman's trademarks and copyrights. Now comes out another little humorous tidbit:

Darth "Husker" actually works for the University of Texas.

No wonder he wore burnt orange for his photographs for the Journal-Star. Perhaps we'd better start referring to him as Darth Longhorn.

Speaking of colors, researchers last week revealed a report that showed that referees subconsciously are biased in favor of athletes wearing red. Previous research in 2005 showed that athletes wearing red performed better. Of course, Husker fans know all about the impact of wearing the "all white" uniforms on Husker football.

The Pelini brothers joined Bob Stoops at a fundraiser for their old high school in Youngstown, Ohio last week. Even Kirk Herbstreit showed up.

Blair native Mike Ekeler might have worn K-State purple...but he's brought his passion and energy to Lincoln wearing Husker red. We've already heard the story about getting a temporary tattoo to help convince Will Compton he was wanted in Lincoln. In a few weeks, his biggest project begins: trying to reclaim the Blackshirts from the shambles of 2007.

The Bullocks brothers certainly think Bo Pelini and his staff will get Nebraska football back on track. Of course...they thought Pelini never should have left Lincoln in the first place. When you consider that the combination of the Bullocks with Fabian Washington (1st round draft pick by the Raiders) would become Phil Elmassian's "worst secondary" (prior to 2007?)...

And yes...I'll start looking more towards 2008 soon very soon. Already we're seeing predictions from Vegas for 7 wins in 2008. And Nebraska opens at 75:1 odds to win the national championship. (And before AJ rips me for it, Missouri opens at 10:1...)

The whole Brett Favre saga is turning into a huge soap opera. There's a lot being said by both sides, and it's an ugly family feud. Both sides have a point, but I tend to side with Favre. When Favre retired, the undercurrent was that the Packers were pushing Favre to retire. I kind of expected Favre would come back, so I'm not surprised by this. It's an ugly mess. I understand the Packers desire to move forward with Aaron Rodgers, but the fact is that Brett Favre is the face of the Packers. It's bad for the game to see him go out wearing another uniform, and the man deserved more respect than he got from the Packers. That being said, the Packers need some sort of commitment from Favre as well one way or another. Respect is a two way street, and I think Packers management were guilty of starting the whole mess last winter.

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Anonymous said...

Fun Fact: "Darth Husker" is actually a husker fan, and used to work for the University