Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Shootout Comes to College Hockey

The CCHA announced today that any games still tied after a five minute sudden death overtime will be decided by a shootout for the purposes of conference standings only. I had a little disagreement with AJ today over it; he thinks it's just like "roller-derby". I think it's a great idea.

The shootout has been a phenomenal success wherever it's been introduced, whether it's junior hockey or the NHL. Here's a classic one from a couple of years ago in the NHL:

The NHL has it's issues, but the shootout ain't one of 'em.

Let's be honest: nobody likes a tie. When college football added overtime years ago, some felt it cheapened the game. But guess what, after some of those memorable multi-overtime finishes, nobody is pushing to rid the game of it.

I just wish this rule had been added three years ago. In the 2005-06 season, UNO finished the season with 6 ties, and finished one point out of fourth place and home ice in the second round of the playoffs. Then, when you consider that UNO could have lined up Scott Parse, Bill Thomas, and Alex Nikiforuk for a shootout, you can only wonder where that season could have ended up. A week's rest, get a home series in the second round, possibly end up at the Joe, maybe get a better seed in the NCAA tournament (and thus not play Boston University a few miles from their campus)...

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