Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Night Beer: Coz Has Amnesia Over 2007, We Should Too

Kevin Cosgrove seems to have developed amnesia with respect to what happened in 2007, denying to that Nebraska's 2007 defense was one of the worst in division 1-A:
GH: Your final year at Nebraska, your defense was rated #112th in the country…

KC: Noooooo (smiling).

GH: What do you recall it being rated?

KC: I don’t know, I didn’t even look at it, because the way things went down there, it was done before the season was even over. We all knew we were fired before that. It was just a tough time, and I don’t look back at that. But, we did lead the nation in sacks, did you know that?

GH: Your last year at Nebraska?

KC: No, no. We didn’t lead the nation in anything that last year. In 2005, we led the nation in sacks, and tackles for loss. You have to put a lot of pressure on quarterbacks to do that, don’t you?
Kind of reminds you of "I'm doing an excellent job", doesn't it? Coz also gets in his shots at Husker fans:
GH: What would you say to your critics? Would you take websites like almost as a form of flattery, because you are so well-known?

KC: When I was at Wisconsin, working for Barry (Alvarez) we never even knew that stuff existed. I never saw anything negative; the only thing I ever saw was positive. Then I went to Nebraska, and I started looking at the negative stuff, and that was probably the worst thing I ever did. It was the worst thing our team ever did, because our players started reading it. They were not only beating up me, but the players, and that’s a bad thing when that happens. That’s their team, they’re beating up the kids, and that’s not right. As a coach, I can take it. Everybody has their opinions, and god bless them, but I’m moving on, and I’m excited to be a Minnesota Gopher right now.
Based on the e-mails we received five years ago from relatives in Wisconsin, I can assure you that there was plenty of rejoicing in the land of the Cheeseheads when Cosgrove moved to Lincoln. By that same manner, we never saw Husker teams give up 70 points in a game before he came to Nebraska either.

I can assure you I'm excited that Cosgrove is a Minnesota Gopher is the rest of the Big 11. To be sure, while eventually we'll have to move on, I firmly believe that Kevin Cosgrove, Bill Callahan, and Steve Pederson will live on forever in this state as punchlines.

UNO hockey had a meltdown in the third period at #4 Michigan on Friday night. Down 4-3 at Yost in the 3rd, two quick goals led to two more down the stretch as the Weasels got a 8-3 victory against the Mavs. Ouch. Saturday night, UNO led after the first period, and were still tied late until Michigan's Luke Glendenning scored the game winner with just over three minutes left in the game. For the most part, not a horrible performance, but with UNO's winless stretch now reaching 11 games, it's making the future of UNO hockey look more and more cloudy. As the World-Herald's Chad Purcell points out, it would have taken merely .500 hockey down the stretch to keep UNO in 4th place, and out of the Chancellor's cross-hairs. It doesn't get any easier this weekend: #2 Notre Dame comes to town.

Over lunch today, I caught a few highlights of the NBA All-Star Game on ESPN, and frankly, if you need any more proof that the NBA has become the WWE, you've got it now with Shaq's "Phantom of the Opera" entrance dance.

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