Tuesday, April 21, 2009

South Chalco or Bellevue for Sarpy Boondoggle?

KETV-Channel 7 and the World-Herald are reporting that Sarpy County has selected three finalists for the proposed baseball stadium:
  • Southport West by Cabela's
  • 126th & Highway 370
  • Kennedy Town Center in Bellevue along the freeway
The Southport location is widely assumed to be the final destination, but it's coming at a cost. The other two sites are free...and for good reason.

The highway 370 location, if chosen, could be summarized in two words: "Epic Fail." Fans would have to drive to Sapp Brothers at the highway 50 exit, then drive a mile south, then a mile or two east. Convenient for the folks in Papillion, to be sure. But for the rest of the metro area? Out of sight...out of mind.

The Bellevue area is intriguing, but it completely blows away all of the assumptions that folks made about landing in west Sarpy County. It's about 10 minutes south of Rosenblatt, so again, for most of the metro area, it's a further drive than before.

Now, how much is Southport going to charge Sarpy County to build the boondoggle in what really is the only choice? That's the question...and if they build it there, how much more will Sarpy County have to raise taxes to pay for it?

Speaking of which...we still have no idea how Sarpy is going to pay for all this.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post—best unintentionally funny thing I’ve seen for a long time. By the way it was MECA that was bluffing—remember the comment that “There would be no special deals for any tenants of the new stadium” from the loudest of the blowhards on that committee? They also expected fans to pay $10 (the current price of the best seats for the actual game) to PARK?!? MECA, like the author of this blog, are truly clueless as to the economics of minor league baseball. But, don’t let me confuse you with facts—bloviate on…

Anonymous said...

Great post anonymous.

Husker Mike said...

MECA charges
$6 to park
. The $10 charge is what the CWS charges to park at Rosenblatt.

I'm always open to contrarian opinions...but at least get your facts straight before calling me out on it..

rancidcrotchrot said...

I love the way this anonymous douchebag posts. He's done this on a few of Mike's posts now. He starts out by complimenting Mike on something, or agreeing to a small piece of the post, then goes on to totally disagree and, unknowingly to him, be completely wrong on his point(s). Nice patronizing rudimentary PR skills there, ya tool.