Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Chalco...It's BFE for the Royals

The Omaha World-Herald is confirming tonight that Sarpy County has selected rural Richfield, Nebraska as the future home of the Omaha Royals. Reports the World-Herald:
All indications point to the Schewe farm property near 126th Street and Nebraska Highway 370 as the preferred destination for several reasons. Cost appears to be a major factor favoring the site, as well as its potential to meet the county's goal of spurring significant new commercial, retail and entertainment development.

Besides the ballpark for the Omaha Royals, the Papillion site developer proposed an ice rink, a fitness center, an indoor water park and a hotel, new restaurants, a shopping center, plus future professional offices and homes. Separately, two flood-control lakes are planned for the area.
That's the upside, of course. The downside is simple. The Royals are moving to the outskirts of town, away from the population base. From the I-80/680 interchange, it's about 8 miles and a 12 minute drive to the highway 370 location, according to Google Maps. Or basically the same distance away as Rosenblatt, though three minutes longer because the drive to Rosenblatt is all interstate.

That's right...from southwest Omaha, the new stadium location is a LONGER drive than Rosenblatt Stadium.

In other words, for people expecting the new stadium to be more's anything but. Or more simply: Epic Fail.


krossfader said...




Seriously, do these people understand traffic?

Anonymous said...

12 minute drove from 192nd and center.

Husker Mike said...

Yes, from the Elkhorn area it's a shorter drive. Gretna too.