Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday Night Beer: It's Summertime and Nothing's Happening

AJ the Huskerh8r (who's back, BTW, with his Hater's Diary) dinged me for not updating the blog for a week. Truth be told...there really hasn't been much of substance happening. You almost have to make stuff up or rehash old news to make it new.

Take the "news" that Sarpy County and the Royals have finalized their deal. Big whoop there; we've known that's been coming for at least a month. (Yeah, I know some people have known it was coming a lot longer than that; I held out hope longer than most that it wouldn't.) The only interesting news was that stadium construction would only take 14 months. That sounds short until you remember that this stadium is only going to cost $25 million, or about half the going rate for AAA stadiums in Ohio, Georgia, and Nevada. We'll see how this turns out. I suppose that if the Sarpy County stadium isn't ready in time, they could always play at Rosenblatt in 2011.

Speaking of 2011, I've felt that the perfect opener for TD Ameritrade Park would be a Chicago Cubs exhibition game at the end of spring training. Well, yesterday the Cubs and the Ricketts family announced they had a working agreement to submit to Major League Baseball for approval. Then today, a second agreement was announced to sell the Cubs to investor Marc Utay for slightly more, but less upfront money. So what's going on in Chicago? Good question. Best answer at this point is that the Utay proposal is the backup plan in case any questions arise from the bankruptcy court or MLB. It also keeps the pressure on the Ricketts to complete the purchase, knowing that there is another willing buyer. In any event, those plans for the Cubs downtown will have to wait a while longer.

More proof of the lack of substance in local sports news. The Husker athletic department announced on their Facebook page that the Husker wrestling recruiting class was ranked fourth in the country by some magazine. Ugghhh. Recruiting hype is spreading to other sports. Somebody in the athletic department's communications department didn't learn anything from the Steve Pederson/Bill Callahan clusterfool.

Speaking of Facebook, I'm working on a Facebook page there if you'd like to follow Blasphemy there. Still a little rough; haven't had enough time to get it all cleaned up the way it should be. I am on Twitter as well...


Berger said...

Husker Mike!

I live in Kansas City, but was born and raised in small town Nebraska. I'm a big Husker fan, but can't catch KFAB 1110 on the radio down here.

In fact, I'm suffering down here as I've about had it with Royals speculation, Jayhawk talk, Mizzou banter, Gary Pinkel this and Todd Reesing that. This morning 610 Sports deduced that because they couldn't remember the name of the Husker starting quaterback for the fall, that Nebraska would finish below KU and MU this year. I am so tired of these guys on KC radio waves.

What's the best way to listen to Husker football sports talk online? Are there any stations or shows you would recommend during the day while at work?

Twitter: @bergrbergr

Always reading!!

Husker Mike said...

Well, huskers.com carries the "official" SportsNightly broadcast every evening. But my personal preference right now is Unsportsmanlike Conduct on KOZN (1620 AM) in Omaha. They stream and podcast their show from 2-6 pm M-F. Last year, they also did a 1 hour morning show on Friday mornings before games; hopefully they'll do that again this year.

KXSP (590 AM) reaches parts of the KC metro area...but they've pulled the plug on their local sports talk for now. I wouldn't be surprised if they return with something local next month; hopefully with a better host.

Lincoln's ESPN 1480 had Jason Peter on in afternoon's in the past, but the signal is so weak, I rarely could pick it up in Omaha, so I can't say whether it's any good or even still on the air.