Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Night Beer: Lovin' Those Throwback Unis

One thing I neglected to mention is how much I liked the throwback jerseys the Huskers wore on Saturday night. The only complaint was that as the benches emptied, fans really needed a roster to keep track of who was in the game. For example, when #31 nailed Louisiana's Louis Lee, only to get flagged, fans had to ask "Who was THAT?" since the jerseys did not carry names on the back.

Now, I wasn't quite so hot for the helmets and the pants, but I'd really like to keep those script numbers in the future. There's no reason why Nebraska couldn't keep the current jersey design, but use the script numbers going forward. They're distinctive, just as easy to read, and classy.

Suddenly, Mike Leach seems to be on the precipice of a cliff after losing to Houston on Saturday. First he suspends offensive guard Brandon Carter (you know, the guy with the crazy tattoos), then bans Twitter after players start tweeting behind his back. Now, Tech isn't likely to lose to New Mexico this Saturday, but after that game... we'll see where the Raiders end up. This could unify the team, or could fracture it. We'll get a good idea in about 2 1/2 weeks when Tech comes to Lincoln. It's a story worth following.

Allow me to disagree with new UNO hockey coach Dean Blais over the shootout in college hockey. In today's sports world, people simply don't accept ties. It just feels unfulfilling to leave an event where nobody won. And as UNO fans learned in 2008, multiple overtime games are exhausting and just encourage fans to leave if they go on too long. Like college football's overtime, the shootout is exciting and gives you a winner. The tweaks the CCHA made this week, making regulation and overtime victories worth three points, should address much of the criticism of the shootout format. I'm hoping that the WCHA will consider the shootout in the future.

Speaking of UNO hockey, I see that Eddie DelGrosso made 2nd team preseason all-CCHA. I have to believe that Blais' run-and-gun style will really suit an offensively minded defensement. Goaltender Jeremie Dupont shouldn't expect much help from his defensive corps this season; his numbers may go down even if he ups his game in his senior season.

Now that the NCAA has given Creighton fan another shot at hoarding all of the NCAA regional basketball tickets, Tom Shatel suggests that if you want tickets, you follow the old adage: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. What, buy Creighton tickets? Sure...but that doesn't mean you have to become a Creighton fan. Show up for key games and wear your red, whether it's UNO red, Husker red, or Cyclone red. Boo the Jays, and cheer for the opponent. Destroy their home court advantage in the process. (Won't take many anti-Jay fans to do that..) If you're going to have to pay extra, you might as well get the satisfaction and exact your pound of flesh anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard this complaint about not having the names on the backs of jerseys....come on people programs are $5. Really that's not that expensive.