Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Beer: Pucks are Flying While Cinderella Is Crashing in Hoops

Last night's Kansas State/Xavier game was one of those games you wish would have been played on Friday night instead of Thursday.  You couldn't shut it off, no matter how early your alarm clock was set.  I mean... three point shots raining down from Provo?  Double overtime?  Gus Johnson on the call for CBS?  The only thing I forgot to do was check out the Live Thread over at  (My favorite was when they blamed the overtimes on interference by fans at Buffalo Wild Wings...)

Tonight, on the other hand, not much to stay up for, and no need to since Purdue/Duke will be over before midnight in the eastern timezone.  Baylor finished off St. Mary's so soon that Omaha's own Kevin Kugler tweeted at halftime that his broadcast wouldn't get much coverage in the second half.  Oh sure, Northern Iowa made it interesting for a little while.

The NCAA hockey tournament got started today, and #2 Denver made a quick exit. The Rochester Institute of Technology defeated the Pioneers 2-1 tonight in Albany in a shocker.  Why a shocker?  RIT doesn't award any scholarships in hockey.  In other games involving UNO's former and future conference foes, St. Cloud State defeated Northern Michigan 4-3 in double overtime.  SCSU will play Wisconsin tomorrow night for a Frozen Four berth.  Tomorrow, Boston College plays Alaska, followed by Alabama-Huntsville vs. Miami.  Then North Dakota vs. Yale followed by Bemidji vs. Michigan.  Maybe it's sour grapes, but UNO played with all those teams late in the season.  All I can mutter is the Cub fan's typical response:  "Wait until next year..."

As I expected, the battle over has now become a legal matter.  The only surprise to me is the size of the monetary investment involved, though maybe it shouldn't after I think about it.  Earlier this month, the Journal-Star reported that HuskerPedia grosses $1.5 million in revenue.  Which way is this going to go next?  This one bears watching.

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