Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blasphemy Turns Five

Today marks the fifth anniversary of this blog, and oh, what a five years it's been. Back in 2005, Nebraska was getting ready for another College World Series appearance, and Bill Callahan was trying to erase the stink of Nebraska's first losing season since Bob Devaney arrived in Lincoln.

In fact, Bill Callahan is one of the main reasons I started writing this blog. Back in that time, having a contrarian opinion on Callahan and Steve Pederson was not in vogue. At that time, suggesting that Nebraska football wasn't on the right track was truly "blasphemous". Fans had high expectations at that time that Harrison Beck and Marlon Lucky were going to quickly restore Nebraska football to greatness.

Well, we know how well THAT turned out.

Looking back five years, could anybody have forecasted where we'd be in 2010?  Bo Pelini returns to Nebraska and nearly gets Nebraska back into a BCS bowl game.  Steve Pederson finally got his comeuppance.  Tom Osborne returns as athletic director. Now, Nebraska quits the Big XII joins the Big Ten. UNO hockey suffers budget abuse at the hands of a chancellor and vice-chancellor playing games with the books, then finally turns it around by hiring Trev Alberts and Dean Blais.  Omaha replaces Rosenblatt Stadium with TD Ameritrade Park, and Sarpy County builds the Boondoggle in BFE.  (And guess what, they still haven't said how they are going to pay for it!)

Will this blog last another five years?  Hard to say, because I'm not sure I expected it to go five years in the first place. Never expected to be asked to contribute to a preseason magazine like Cornhusker Kickoff either.

Thanks to everybody for stopping by and reading, and a special thanks to everybody who's commented over the years.

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