Thursday, July 08, 2010

I Could Not Care Less About LeBron James

As a sports fan who gave up on the NBA as a sport about 18 years ago, I think I now know what non-Husker fans go through this week. Every time I turn around, it's D-Wade this, Bosch that, and now tonight, the LeBron James "Rose Ceremony" on ESPN.

I don't follow the NBA; I freely admit it.  When I hear "Bosch"...I think spark plugs, not a basketball player. (And yes, I know it's "Bosh".)  The point is; I don't know a thing about Bosh and why he's a big deal. This week's soap opera doesn't do a thing to change my mind; it's yet another reason why I'm not sure the Not Basketball Association can really be considered a sport anymore.  About the time NBC took over the television package, the personalities began to eclipse the game itself, and I turned it off.

So tonight, ESPN will delve one step closer to WWE territory when Stuart Scott takes the Mean Gene Okerlund role as the interviewer in tonight's ESPN ceremony. I won't be watching. When sports talk (especially our local guys Matt Schick, Nick Bahe, Kevin Kugler, and Mike'l Severe) go into it, I'll turn off the radio.  In fact, knowing what's happening today, I may not even turn it on in the first place.

Wake me up when this thing is over...


Bigredmed said...

To be fair to Mike'L and Kevin, they were bashing this process to some extent on their shows over the past two days. Though, it was still about 80% masturbatory sports nerd coverage and 20% why are we here? coverage.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually take the time to leave a comment but I have to say I agree with you. I am sick sick sick of it!